MX330G Air Gl Window MidTowerExcellent cooling, plenty of space for upgrading, a sleek design and a tempered gl window to see all your components in action. If yoursquo;re looking for this, MX330G Air is what you need.
One Window to View Them AllMX330G Air features a tempered gl transparent window that will allow you to see all your components in action and enjoy any lighting you decide to include in your build. This is truly a case worthy of being exhibited.
Features Mive ExpandabilitySeven PCI slots and support for up to 350mmlong graphics cards allow you to install all the horsepower you need to run 4K/60fps games and even more. When you add up the capability of hosting up to two 2.5rsquo;rsquo; SSDs and two 3.5rsquo;rsquo; HDDs, what you get is a case that can run and store all the games you want.
Strong CoolingWant to cool all those powerful components? No problem. You can install up to five fans and a 240mm water cooling radiator to protect your investment from the threat of overheating.
Minimalist BeautyThe cover for the PSU and the 3.5rsquo;rsquo; drive bays allow you to hide the cables behind them, improving the internal airflow and giving you an unobstructed view of your components. Easily detachable and cleanable dust filters behind the front, top and bottom covers will further help keep your computer clean and gorgeous!

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