MX331T Stunning ARGB MidTowerMX331T has three built in ARGB strips at the front panel, which showcases spectacular lighting effects. With a crystal clear tempered gl left panel, you are freely to create a clear view of your computerrsquo;s internal components. Itrsquo;s also equipped with adjustable fan speed controller and 4 USB ports to bring you efficient and convenient experiences.
Three Stylish ARGB StripsMX331Trsquo;s three ARGB lighting strips bring you a stylish design. The acrylic front panel also enhances the fluid lighting effects, which helps you to present a stunning build!
Extraordinary Transparent ViewA beautiful tempered gl window acts as a portal into your PCrsquo;s interior. Ideal for those who want to set up internal lighting show and a clean build.
Adjustable Fan Speed ControllerWith a convenient manual switch at the front panel, you are able to adjust fan speeds fast and easily. Itrsquo;s no longer necessary to control via complicated software.
Abundant for Multiple USB DevicesThe front panel is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, let you easily connect multiple peripheral devices and accessory charging. Not only optimize your processing experiences, but also keep all USB devices without limitations.
Mive ExpandabilityMX331T allows you to fit a fullsized ATX motherboard, 350mmlength graphic card, one 5.25rdquo; devices, two 2.5rdquo; SSDs, and two 3.5rdquo; HDDs, which satisfy your expandability and storage needs.
Strong CoolingYou can install up to five fans and a 240mm water cooling radiator to protect your investment from the threat of overheating.
Minimalist BeautyThe casersquo;s PSU and 3.5rdquo; bay cover provide a clean view of your case and keep the airflow strong.

Details Shares Thorugh