bull; Excellent Looks with Superior Airflowbull; Wider but More Compact and Powerfulbull; Abundant for Multiple USB Devicesbull; Strong Cooling Performance
MX410 Mesh sports an attractive and compact design with a mive mesh front panel for better air flow performance. It has wider but more compact and powerful design, which allows you to have highperformance and abundant storage space.
Excellent Looks with Superior AirflowMX410 Meshrsquo;s front panel combines with excellent appearance and sufficient airflow. Let it breathe through the front panel!
Wider but More Compact and PowerfulMX410 Meshrsquo;s 210mm width allows much larger interior space with better cooling performance and cable management. However, its compact exterior dimension takes up less desktop space. MX410 Mesh can surely fit a fullsized ATX Motherboard, 300mmlength Graphic card, three 2.5Prime; SSDs, and two 3.5Prime; HDDs, which allow you to achieve the extreme operation and abundant storage space.
Abundant for Multiple USB DevicesThe front panel is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, let you easily connect multiple peripheral devices and accessory charging. Not only optimize your processing experiences, but also keep all USB devices without limitations.
Strong Cooling PerformanceMX410 Meshrsquo;s interior space supports up to 170mm height CPU air cooler, a 240mm water cooling radiator, and highend cooling components. It helps you to protect critical components from overheating.

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