SanDisk SSD Plus, 120GB

SanDisk, the pioneer in solid state storage technologies and the brand pros trust, delivers improved speed and performance with the SanDisk SSD Plus. With sequential read speeds of up to 520MBs (1), this solid state drive performs up to 20x faster than a typical hard disk drive (2). Youll appreciate faster startups, shutdowns, data transfers, and application response times than with a hard disk drive (2). The SanDisk SSD Plus also offers quiet, reliable performance, and dashboard status monitoring for your favorite media applications.

The Speed You Need

Sequential read speeds of up to 520MBps mean faster bootup, faster application response, faster data transfer and better gameplaying than you’ve experienced from your laptop or desktop before.

Large Capacity

With a large capacity of up to 120GB, the SanDisk SSD Plus gives you plenty of room for your big media files and applications photos, videos, music, games and more.

Cool and Quiet

With its lowpower architecture, the SanDisk SSD Plus places minimal strain on your systems resources. The drive consumes less power and produces less heat than a traditional HDD, easing the burden on your PCs power supply and cooling system. It also runs quietly, so you can enjoy videos and games without distracting background noise.

Proven Reliability

The SanDisk SSD Plus is tested and proven to be resistant to shock, vibration and temperature extremes, so it will keep working, no matter where or how hard you use your computer. Plus, the flash memory protects your memories, even if your computer fails.

Sandisk SSD Dashboard Monitors Drive Status

Windows users can check their drives status in realtime and be alerted to software updates. And it includes third party software offers from Apricorn for cloning onto your new drive, Titanium+ Virus scanner from TrendMicro and Lojack recovery software from Absolute to secure your computer, too.

Details Shares Thorugh